Masao Okano is a MA wedding photographer and self-taught photo student of light and love
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Masao Okano

Amara Photo

Shortly after entering the world of photography, Masao quickly realized that human moments were the most inspiring, unique, multi-faceted and challenging things to capture. This set him out on a life-long journey to document such moments in his own life (with his wife and three children) and for others.

At Amara Photo he constantly pushes himself to create romantic, artistic and authentic imagery that is done invisibly to his clients. A self-taught student of light and love, he is a highly sought-after wedding photographer in New England and has brought his warm smile with him to document weddings all over North America, including in Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, California, Chicago, New York City and more.

8 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

6 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 'At Work' Photos

The following photos are of Masao Okano at work.