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Olivia Jacob


As a wedding and engagement photographer, I have the honor and privilege of documenting one of the most important days of a person's life. My goal is to capture the unscripted moments, fleeting glances, bursts of laughter, and joyful tears that you'll want to relive again and again. I strive to create images that are candid, emotional, and timeless.

When not photographing weddings, I enjoy reading books by Alexander McCall Smith, cooking Mexican food, doing crossword puzzles with my husband, and listening to/watching Broadway musicals.

10 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Olivia Jacob.

Married: 1 year ago

Shana & Zaka

Olivia, I'm not sure if Shana has already responded to you independently, but we absolutely love our wedding photos and we really enjoyed working with you. It was a pleasure. Thanks for making Shana and I feel so comfortable around you. I'm sure you may have already seen the photos we posted to FB - there were lots!! I wish you all the best, Zak

Married: 1 year ago

Madeline & Phillip

I wish I had tape recordings or something of the avalanche of compliments we have received about our wedding photos, so I could pass them on to you. :) Also I have been meaning to ask - what is the best mailing address for you?

Married: 2 years ago

Anita & Aziz

Olivia!!!! The photos are AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!! They capture so well the day and how we felt throughout the process - thank you so so so much!!!! We are so appreciative for the amazing photos over the last few months! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Big hugs, Anita

Married: 2 years ago

Regina & Jared

Olivia, Thank you so much for photographing our wedding, the pictures came out so beautifully, we're so excited about them!

Married: 3 years ago

Sarah & Tom

WOW. OLIVIA. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing. You are so incredibly talented. I'm at a Christmas party with Tom's family and we just showed his family, and everyone could not stop talking about how AMAZING these pictures are and how you captured the pure joy and excitement of our wedding day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Married: 3 years ago

Theresa & Risto

Morning Olivia, Thank you so much for the photos. They truly surpassed our expectations. We absolutely love them! It was great working with Minh and you. Your work captured our wedding perfectly. We will cherish these photos and they will always be a part of our home. Thanks again!

Married: 3 years ago

Vy & Brian

Thank you so much Olivia. The photos look fantastic. We are downloading them now and can't wait to share them with our friends and family. It was great working with you; you truly made our wedding memorable. Brian and Vy

Married: 4 years ago

Jessica & Ted

Love the pictures Olivia!!! Thank you so much! Having a hard time deciding which ones to use for thank you cards and Christmas cards hah! So many wonderful shots :) Jess

Married: 4 years ago

Emily & Dan

Dear Olivia, Thank you for all your work to help make our wedding feel so special! We loved your calm, positive presence and will treasure your beautiful photos for years to come. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help promote your photos or business. We loved working with you and we're sure our friends would too. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas & a happy holiday season! All the best, Emily + Dan

Married: 4 years ago

Kristen & Charlie

I have two computer monitors in my office and since you sent these over one of my monitors has been dedicated to continuously playing the slideshow of all these photos! We love them so much. You've really captured a lot of fun moments with a lot of personality--especially ours :) Olivia - you are so incredibly talented and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had you photograph our wedding! We will definitely post the reviews telling everyone how awesome you are. Thanks for making this experience so stress-free and wonderful.