Authentic Texas Wedding Photographer John Pesina
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John Pesina

Songbird Weddings

I've spent years developing my craft first as a commercial photographer shooting live bands, fashion, products, food, events; everything a good wedding photographer should know how to shoot to capture one of the most important days in a person's life, because weddings aren't just about posed photos with bright lights. Weddings are a dynamic, clamorous affair that progress at their own pace and need a photographer adept at adapting to a unique and quickly evolving occasion.

My diverse background is the reason I can easily transition between all of the varied aspects of a wedding; from the tender moments of a first dance, to still shots of the ring, or a frenzied fight between bridesmaids for the tossed bouquet, to a tearful mother helping her daughter get ready. My experience has given me the technical expertise to ensure my lighting and exposure are spot on for each moment, as well as the creativity and anticipation needed to tell the story unique to your wedding day.

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