Viterbo engagement, elopement and wedding photography by Andrea Danna of Lazio Italy
Photo by: 
Cristina Ribeca
1000+ (EUR)

Andrea Danna

Wedding Photojournalist

My work is divided into two main branches: on the one hand, I carry out the profession of a commercial photographer (wedding, still-life, portrait, interiors, etc.), on the other, I deal with retouching and post-production for other photographers.

This latter area also led me to periodically organize post-production courses dedicated to advanced professionals and amateurs.

I started as an intern for several photographic studios in the Viterbo area, and later I studied at the Roman School of Photography in order to be able to count on a solid theoretical basis.
At the beginning of 2015, I organized my first personal exhibition, architectural photography and urban landscape project, entitled “La Viterbo che Cambia”.
Currently, I collaborate continuously with the industrial photographer Edoardo Montaina as assistant and post-producer, and with Fotogrà always in the post-production sector.

But the road is long, I have absolutely not "arrived" ... and to tell the truth I don't even want to hear from it. Never, possibly.

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

12 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

12 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists