Cristina Lanaro, elopement and wedding reportage photography for elopements with the documentary style.
1900+ (EUR)

Cristina Lanaro

My name is Cristina and photography is one of my great loves together with my husband, the winter sea, and my cat Goliath.
I like simple things, sincere smiles, and flushed cheeks.

I live and work in my splendid hometown, Verona, surrounded by good food, good wine, and the wonderful views that every day can give me.

Human contact is the richest thing on earth can be, which is why I love meeting new people every day, listening to their stories, and telling them.

Light, the search for beauty, and emotions are the main sources I am inspired by

tell your story with photos.

I love leafing through my family albums that have conveyed to me the importance of immortalizing and printing the moments of daily life without which I could not reconstruct my childhood.

My purpose in photography and for my clients is to leave an authentic memory of real-life but with an attention to light and detail.