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Selene Pozzer

Selene Pozzer Wedding Photojournalist

I believe in Love.
I've always been a very empathic person - yes, exactly the type of person who cries at the movies or laughs for no apparent reason - and I use this strong empathy towards my job, too.
I've started photographing with my father Mauro, a professional photographer, when I was 19. First, it was a hobby, then it became a passion and a way to express my feelings and my vision.
It became my job just after I graduated from the University (I studied Languages, and I speak Italian, English, Spanish and German).
After a couple of years working with him to learn the business, I decided to go solo and make it become "my own thing". My first season completely solo was back in 2016, and I've shot about 100 weddings in the past three years.
I fall in love with my job every day more, it brought me to visit places all over the world, meeting new cultures and people.
I mostly work in Italy (Venice and Lake Como are among my favorite locations), but I've shot weddings in the States and around Europe as well. I love traveling and experiencing the whole story of a couple.
I think the choice of a Wedding Photographer is something intimate and extremely important. Naturally, the couple must fall in love with the photographer’s style – but as important as that, we need to feel a very strong personal compatibility to ensure the best memories of their special day.
To me, wedding photography needs to have three fundamental characteristics.
It should be emotional, as your day: happiness, excitement, tension, and more. All your emotions should be portrayed as they happened.
It should be timeless, as it should tell your story and your love without caring too much about what's trendy.
It should be authentic, as you need to see yourself in every single detail and frame.
Ultimately, it should be yours.