Enzo Masella

Enzo Masella of Venice, loved to take pictures in black and white, then develop in the dark room
Enzo Masella
1700+ (EUR)

I was born in 1976 and I live near Venice. I have been a photographer since the age of fifteen, when I started to take pictures in black and white and develop them in the dark room.
This has been for me an important experience. To really understand what photography is you have to spend time in the dark room: light, films, papers. Today, digital technology has changed the cameras and the post production. But nothing in photography has changed for real. In my working life I have taken pictures of hundreds of marriages. I wish to all married couples to have many happy days after the wedding. Visual communication is a responsibility and each photographer is responsible for the visual culture of the people. When I close one eye and approach the viewfinder, I always think that the "clack" of the mirror is a part of me that I give to the others.

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