Valladolid wedding photography by Marcos Rodriguez Pedrosa, of Castile and León, Spain
1350+ (EUR)

Marcos Rodriguez Pedrosa

Kairós Foto

My name is Marcos Rodríguez. I studied photography in Madrid, Spain, and these last years I have been working in weddings and commercial photography in Kairós Foto. I am the first photographer in my family so that I create my own style and influences.
A few years ago, I was working in a literature publishing house, because I always liked telling stories, either with words or with images. Finally, I understood that, at the moment, the images are very strong, so I decided to follow the path of wedding photography. I will never leave words aside, but I have become addicted to the expressiveness of images.
For me, the most important thing when I photograph weddings is to capture the moment, to trap those emotions that come to light at key moments in life, to immortalize these instants. Although not in any way, but with a creative and empathic photography, emotional and natural photography. What I intend to do is to capture what each person I photograph actually is. I want that when you see my photos you can think: «It's me, and that's what I felt!».
To finish, just tell you that I hope we see each other very soon. The best thing about this job is to be able to accompany you on your way. I am desiring to share a piece of life with you!

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