Utrecht wedding photography by Meral Spydas of the Netherlands
Photo by: 
Aline Lange
1650+ (EUR)

Meral Soydas

Destination Wedding Photography

I'm in love with life and obsessed by capturing the small moments that become the big memories.

I want to tell the honest and pure story of your day: focused on emotions, those unguarded moments & stolen glances.

I studied psychology and until recently I combined working in an eating disorder clinic & shooting weddings. I decided to quit because I want to give my photography 100% focus!
However, my work as a psychologist has shaped my work without a doubt. My main focus is connecting and looking for the connections between everyone attending the wedding. Your best man giving you a thumbs up, your mom with tears in her eyes, the look of pride on your fathers face. Those are the things I want to help you remember from the day.

Next to shooting weddings, I love photographing when I'm traveling and even better: combine those two for destination weddings!

I shoot between 15-20 weddings per year. This way I'll look forward to every wedding as if it is my first. I treasure this almost magical feeling!

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography