Utrecht Wedding Photography by Corine Nap, of Netherlands
Photo by: 
Judith Noorlandt
1350+ (EUR)

Corine Nap

Oh Belle

My name is Corine and I am shooting weddings for five years now and I shoot around 25 weddings per year. And a little bit about me except as a photographer.. I am 30 years old, together with Bram I live in Veenendaal and I love life with my family, friends, music, beautiful skies and lot's of travelling!

During my career as photographer I realised more and more I really want to tell the different story's of the day. Over the years I visited a couple of seminars, did some courses but last year I did a mentoring session with Isabelle Hattink and since that moment I totally knew I wanted to be a documentary photographer and I developed so much more. This year I follow the Full Monty Workshop and this way of photographing makes me so happy!

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

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The following photos are of Corine Nap at work.