West Yorkshire wedding reportage photography by John Nelson of England, UK
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John Nelson

John Nelson Photography

I'm John a wedding and fashion photographer based in West Yorkshire. As a boy, I had always dreamt of being a soldier, a chef, and a photographer. At 16 I joined the armed forces, with tours of Bosnia and working at Queens Life guard, Whitehall, under my belt I left after 7 years to train as a chef. I've worked and ran some of Yorkshire's busiest kitchens, I love the creativity of a kitchen, the excitement of a busy service, the sweat, tears, and dedication it takes to reach the top is unparalleled. After 10 years in kitchens, I am now going into my fifth year as a wedding and fashion photographer. I have always loved photography and knew one day I would make a living from it.

I would love to say I was dedicated with my career path to achieve the goals to bring me to where I am now but in all honesty, everything just came together like pieces of a jigsaw. And that's a little bit like the way I capture a wedding, I don't interfere I just roll with the day and record it has it happens.