United Kingdom Wedding Photography in South Yorkshire by Ben West
1300+ (GBP)

Ben West

Ben West Photography

Returning from a few months travelling and language study in Central America in 2006, I somewhat stumbled into professional photography when I got a job in a portrait studio while looking for a stop-gap job.

I'd studied film and video production, so certainly had some transferable skills and within my first week of training I was hooked, my life plans changed and I decided to just see where a journey in photography would take me.

Twelve years on and it's been quite a ride, taking me into jobs within award winning portrait studios and even back to Central America, shooting lifestyle portrait sessions on the beaches of Mexico!

Although portraiture has always been a big part of my photography career and passion, I've also been covering Weddings for almost as long.
Initially for friends of friends, then gaining experience as an assistant, before building up consistent yearly bookings.

Even from my first weddings, I naturally approached them in a very documentary style, although I was trained as a high street portrait photographer, my film studies back-ground meant I instinctively went about telling the narrative of the day, with establishing shots, detailed shots and of course the 'moments' all within the flow of the day.

This style and approach is something I've always looked to push further and I continue to strive to develop it wedding to wedding and year to year.