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David Cliff

David Cliff Wedding Photography

It was my interest in the news and events of our lives and times that drew me to photography—to photojournalism. I wanted to see for myself what I could of the world, of history, and through my photographs let others see, in the great tradition of photojournalists down the years.

I’ve since had images featured by publications and organisations including the New York Times, the London Evening Standard, the Telegraph, The Economist, the BBC, CNN, Vice, Vanity Fair, and the Huffington Post, distributed worldwide via agencies including Getty Images and AFP. Working as a photojournalist still fills much of my time, and no doubt it will always be the kind of photography I draw my inspiration from most of all.

Naturally, then it’s the documentary mindset that underpins my approach to the other kinds of photography I’m commissioned for—weddings above all. Mine is keen-eyed, unobtrusive-yet-intimate way of working; my focus on capturing storytelling moments and the authenticity of an occasion. I want you to not really know I’m there, then later be amazed at what I saw. To my mind, it’s the most natural fit for a celebration like a wedding and truest way you can relive the day again and again in the months and years afterward.

I’m based in London but work far and wide as well as locally, and I like to travel, so if you’re elsewhere (or your wedding will be) don’t let that be a consideration. Get in touch any time; I'll look forward to hearing from you and learning about your plans.

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