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Ed Brown

Ed Brown Wedding Photography

Hi there and welcome to Ed Brown Photography - I’ve got my business partner Victoria to thank for my love of photography. While she was working on a professional feature film as a makeup artist supervisor, I took the opportunity to take some photographs, and I was hooked.

I have worked in fashion and family photography and gradually worked my way up to running a studio. But I was still hungry for more; I wanted a bigger challenge! I decided that the next step was to start up my own business.

I set up Ed Brown Photography in 2008 with my amazing Victoria, and we still have the same aspirations that we started out with – to deliver photographs to our clients that they love.

I am an easy-going, a vibrant and friendly guy with a zest for life who loves what I do and it shows in the images I take.

Both Victoria and myself have worked with celebrities, actors, sporting professionals, we like most of all to work with lovely people, amazing unique personalities, those who are young at heart! So that is a little overview of Ed Brown Photography, and Victoria and I would like to thank you for stopping by, please do leave some comments on the blog posts as we always love to read what people think of our work.