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Philip Salisbury

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Award-Winning Manchester Wedding Photographer

I'm Phil, a fun-loving father and adventurer with a camera. I'm what you consider to be an artistic documentary photographer, meaning I'm like a fly on the wall when it comes to your wedding day using moments, light and colour for creativity. I become part of the wedding party shooting from the inside out meaning I'm amongst your guests giving you an up close, personal and unique take on your wedding story. Everything is on the cards to be captured as its all part of your story, the beauty, the laughter, the tears. I want to create work that goes beyond what you could even articulate as "how you see your wedding." My works have been described as elegant, stylish, artistic and filled with energy, If that sounds like you resonate with it we're off to a flying start! My Why... So, I'm a father first to the little legend Chloe Lou and I guess you could say she's the one responsible for my photography. This little lady gave me such an appreciation for life, looking at it completely different and realising constantly that the moments that are always happening won't ever be repeated to embrace every one of them! With that, I decided I wanted to ensure I document as many of those moments and soon realised the value of it not just for myself but for everyone else I was photographing. Very quickly it became apparent people enjoyed what I did and the ball started rolling with me becoming a wedding photographer.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

8 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits