Lancashire Wedding Reportage Photography by David Scholes of UK, England
1750+ (GBP)

David Scholes

David Scholes Photography

I come from a family of wedding photographers - my uncle, grandfather, and great grandfather were the local wedding photographers dating back to the 1800's. Despite that, I kind of got into it by accident.

After a photography degree, I started work at a family portrait studio in 2005, which eventually led to me working for myself shooting weddings in 2010. At first I shot what I thought I was supposed to, but started to develop the natural story telling side of things and that's when the passion for photographing weddings really kicked in.

I'm influenced by all sorts - from other photographers to films. I love to capture close up impactful emotions, and humour where I can. In particular I love strong hard light that great geometric compositions.

I photograph between 35-40 weddings per year

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists