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Michael Jackson

Jackson & Co Photography

Hi there, I'm Michael, the lead photographer at Jackson & Co Photography. I'm drawn to light and colour, humour and emotion, elements that can be found in abundance at UK weddings. This career found me during a time in my life when creativity was completely absent and this joy of photography just wrestled it's way into my life and refused to let go.

Since then, Jackson & Co Photography has blossomed and we've been a part of hundreds of weddings, met thousands of people and had countless moments that have made us smile and stuck in our memories forever.

There will inevitably be photographers out there who can write more eloquently, who have more artistic motivations, but for me, I'm a simple creature. Give me a camera in my hand, an environment that buzzes and hums with energy and the freedom to create and I'll be endlessly happy.

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits