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Matt Tyler


I’m Matt Tyler and I’m a creative documentary wedding photographer based in Kent. I shoot weddings all over the UK, Europe and beyond and consider myself extremely lucky to do a job I love so much.

I’m far from the worlds greatest writer so to make this easier for me (and you!) I’ve decided to make a list of things that might be worth knowing (or not) about me:

- I love dinosaurs, particularly the T-Rex. Its just awesome.
- I can play the guitar.
- I once ate a spoonful of coconut body butter after being told it was a ‘nice puddingy thing’.
- I have an awesome girlfriend called Ellen and she’s incredibly supportive of me.
- I love music. Acoustic guitar is the way to my heart.
- I’m a coffee lover.
- I studied film at university and growing up I wanted to be a cinematographer. I still feel that my work is heavily influenced by cinema.
- I hate mushrooms, Starbucks and the word ‘chowder’.
- I love travelling. I’ve well and truly got the bug.
- I’ve nearly died twice; the first time was surfing in Australia and the second time was kayaking across Scotland. Buy me a coffee and I’ll tell you all about it!

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Married: 2 years ago

Gemma + Iain

Matt, in our post wedding haze we were delighted with these but a year later we appreciate these even more. Of course they are beautifully shot but it's what you managed to capture that makes these the best pictures I could have imagined. Those special moments, expressions and sense of what it felt like are all there for us forever. You managed all of this with no direction whatsoever and your intuition was spot. We trusted you to 'do your own thing' and let us focus on our day and you absolutely nailed it. Thanks for giving us something to take us back to our special day in a glance.