Kent wedding reportage and elopement photography by David Burke of England United Kingdom
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David Burke

David Burke Photography

My love of photography started many years ago as a teenager – having the stunning, bleak, rugged landscape of the Brecon Beacons near my hometown of Cardiff led to a lifelong passion for photography, which I've utilised in my 10+ years of shooting weddings.

Originally I started out in black and white landscape photography – landscapes are all about composition and working with the available light to create dynamic and dramatic pictures. Working in black and white meant a different way of thinking about a picture; bringing out the textures and structural elements rather than relying on colour for visual impact.

I still love black and white for its ability to bring drama and impact – sometimes colour can be a distraction – and use it when it will add to the picture. Black and white generally works well with the more photojournalistic images (I guess those of us of a certain age still think of gritty, black and white photos in newspapers!), but of course, I only use it when it helps - I'd say at least 70% of my work is now in colour.