Rupert Russell wedding photography in the South of England and Wales
1200+ (GBP)

Rupert Russell

Rupert Russell Photography

Shooting a wedding is a blast! Fast moving and full of energy and emotion, it combines instinct and anticipation. It gives me the challenges and opportunities on which I thrive

I've shot weddings all over the the UK. It's a beautiful part of the world and I'm very lucky to have ended up here. Chance is a fine thing! Although Tuscany...

I feel like some mad professor of light when I'm shooting your day; so many ingredients, so many wonderful things unfolding in front of my lenses. I may appear relaxed on the surface (many clients have noted my calming presence) but I'm constantly alert, focused on not missing a moment. My work has been described as simplistic beauty, full of warmth and humour. I hope you can see that.

I live in the Cotswolds with my wife, Jenny, my 2 boys Elliot and Jimmy and our 2 dogs Pi and Mash! (Not my idea.)