United Kingdom wedding reportage-style photography by Tracy Morter
1000+ (GBP)

Tracy Morter

I have taken quite a journey to be where I am now, I sort of accidentally ended up becoming a wedding photographer.
And I am very happy my plans went awry because this job has enriched my life. Introduced me to so many amazing experiences and people over years.

I started off studying astrophysics, had some babies, got Rage Against the Machine to number one at Christmas, and now I photograph weddings. For well over a decade now.
And the babies are now wonderful grown-up adult sons.

When I'm not at a wedding I will be shooting a festival or a gig.
Weddings and music are where I get to photograph people letting go and being themselves.

A muddy field to an elegant country house venue and everything in between.
I get to know so many interesting people in these places my camera takes me, and that is why I am glad I've ended up here.