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Will Wareham

Will Wareham Photography

Hi, I'm Will and I've been shooting weddings since 2006. Growing up I was introduced to photography by my uncle who was a press photographer who's photographs were published worldwide, I saw and heard how he captured his photographs at events for press agencies and how prints were created in the darkroom. I studied photography, art & design at college (1997-2001) after finishing school and my first job was working for professional camera suppliers (2001-2004), attending training courses at Nikon UK. I started shooting commissions for different photographers in England (2004-2006) working in various fields from sports to film stills to weddings & portraits. The photographic style which I could best make my own expression with was and still is photojournalism and working with people. Coming from an artistic background the work in which I could be most creative was weddings as the demand for a less formal style of photography was broadening.
Since 2006 I have photographed weddings all over the UK and most recently started shooting destination weddings worldwide. From the start of my career, I always wanted to learn by taking the lead responsibility so always shot weddings as the main photographer, since doing studio work at college I never wanted to end up setting up lights or carrying bags etc...Just to purely be a photographer with a camera in my hand at all times working closely with my clients.
I've always preferred to look outside of wedding photography for inspiration, I'm a big fan of photojournalism so always refer to photobooks & visiting exhibitions in London, my favourite of all time is Elliot Erwitt as I like the social commentary, compassion & sense of humour in his work. Documentaries of people and places fascinate me and inform my work. I have recently collaborated on wedding assignments with David Pullum, one of the very few wedding photographers work I have admired for many years. for always creating images that are completely unique. It has been invaluable for me to have this experience at this stage in my career and developed my style of photography to a new level. I set out to photograph all types of weddings and the focus of my work is purely about people, their personalities and their families. So have photographed many different ceremonies from Christian weddings to Persian weddings, Indian Weddings to Jewish weddings & Humanist weddings. I feel that this brings something truly personalised to the client and their experience as I am able to bring to each wedding a sense of individuality. I am always excited to work with new clients at a wide variety venues, when I do return to familiar venues I bring my experiences with me to create something fresh each time, to learn about them and their families and to give them a collection of photographs that is completely unique to them.