Derbyshire wedding photographer, Ben Pollard
Photo by: 
Cassandra Lilly
1500+ (GBP)

Ben Pollard

Ben Pollard Photography

Always learning, evolving and growing; I’ve been likened to Dr Who for my excited frenetic energy and occasional mild eccentricities…

Photography is in my blood and it’s my absolute passion. My father was a photographer and it’s been my career since leaving college (I’m dare not say how long ago that was..!), having collected A Level, BTEC ND, City & Guilds in my subject.

I’ve done it all in terms of making pictures, and have worked with a huge range of clients, venues and products all over the world. I’ve worked in various portraiture studios, as a cruise ship photographer and have worked with some of the best Michelin stared chefs in the world photographing dishes and cooking methods for books and magazine publications.

I’m also experienced in macro photography having photographed a huge range of jewellery products over the years for a number of clients and I have also worked on construction sites providing imagery to the building industry (including plumbing components next to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt).
This said, my passions are people and personal interactions and these factors are what I think make a great wedding photographer. Wedding photography is a crowded market place but my experience from lots of different backgrounds has made me understand how to get the best images from a wedding day. Whilst this may seem a bit of a brag, I am truly a passionate photographer who loves every second of being behind the camera and I am dedicated to being at the very top of my game.