County Durham wedding photography by Joss Denham, of England, United Kingdom
1200+ (GBP)

Joss Denham

Joss Denham Wedding Photography

After coming out of a career in the broadcast television industry, which I had worked in for a number of years, I wanted to do something where I worked for myself. Photography seemed to me as the ideal fit for starting my own business & taking my passions and skills I learned in my previous work to use.

I trained in Buckinghamshire with the Trained eye academy. Some of the best wedding photographers in the UK including Mike Garrard & Benjamin Toms were mentors to me. Working with a range of photographers all over the UK I started to create my own style & approach to wedding photography.

Since then I've never looked back and wedding photography has been the most rewarding & humbling work. I find it such a privilege to be considered to be part of someone's special day. That's why I try to give the best service I can, as well as the highest quality of photography captures.