New Taipei City wedding reportage photographer Megan Liang
1200+ (USD)

Megan Liang


I am a female photographer who loves photography.

I like to use the lens to record every touch in my life.

Also full-time wedding / wedding / pregnant woman photo / newborn photo photographer,

From the middle school to the university, the process of studying is all the art department.

Therefore, I use the artistic perspective to shoot and post-production.

A professional photographer is not just a simple recording.

Instead, it creates beauty in every detail.

And project emotions into the work

I treat each new person as my family or friend.

Because I am so honored to be involved in such a great day in your life,

Please let me take a look at the unique perspective of the girl and the aesthetics of the art.

Let me tell you the story through the lens.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography