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Wedding Photographers of Taipei, Taiwan

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6 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

Minifeel Lu photographs weddings for brides in Taiwan and Taipei.

After investing in photography, I found that I like to record a variety of stories with my camera. After walking through many countries, I discovered that talent is the most beautiful thing. I have been fascinated by the so-called photographer’s eye and...

Starting Price:
34000 (TWD)
Taiwan and Taipei are home to wedding photographer ChiangYuan Hung
Starting Price:
500 (USD)
Wedding Photography by Chunwei Lee in Taiwan and Taipei.

The moving moment of the wedding is a fleeting moment that cannot be repeated. It is only once in a lifetime. We try our best to keep all the memories of the day for each couple. Maybe it is the shy expression of the bride, the look of the groom, the...

Starting Price:
20000 (TWD)
New Taipei City wedding reportage photographer Megan Liang

I am a female photographer who loves photography. I like to use the lens to record every touch in my life. Also full-time wedding / wedding / pregnant woman photo / newborn photo photographer, From the middle school to the university, the process of...

Starting Price:
1200 (USD)
Taipei wedding photograph Shark Jiang covers all of Taiwan for brides.

Shixin Plane Communication Department + Graduated from Shixin Graphic Communication Institute After a few years as a camera imaging engineer after retiring, I finally returned to photography. SJ Wedding Shark Imaging Team - Director of Photography.

Starting Price:
65000 (TWD)
Asia Actual Day Wedding Photographer Cmi Chang is from Taipei, Taiwan

Hi, I'm Cmi Chang from Taichung, Taiwan! I love to take photos, sports and appreciate everything in my life.I like to travel around and record every significant moments in life with my camera. Welcome to my studio. 嗨,我是來自台中市的張西米! 我喜歡運動、攝影,...

Starting Price:
600 (USD)
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Wedding Photographer Jenna Shouldice of British Columbia, Canada
You will be told some traditions — Hindu, Maltese — consider rain a good omen on a wedding day. You will be told a wet knot is harder to untie. You may — correctly — think that if the two of you can face the day's elements with aplomb and grace, you're more likely to face life's challenges with... Read more