Asia and Singapore wedding photographer Tony Eng.
130/hr (SGD)

Tony Eng

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While I started off using digital camera, my journey as a photographer has taken me back to the old, school film days instead. Even as I capture images in digital, I constantly seek to create the cinematic "film" look. The look I grew up with.

Key inspiration for his photography style include the Asian movie director, Wong Kar Wai and father of photojournalism, Henri Cartier Bresson

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Tony Eng.

Kiff and Carrie

Married: 2 years ago

Kiff and Carrie

Hi Tony and Gael, Kiff and I would like to thank you for the wonderful dinner company a few days back! It was very nice to meet both of you! Also, we would like to thank you for the wedding photographs we received yesterday. When we got home at 1a.m., we waited impatiently for the photographs to load for at least 30 minutes since there were like at least 800 photos in there. As we scroll through the photos, we feel like we are reliving our wedding day again. Each photo is like a page of a book, and it was very exciting to move through the whole album. All the photos were AMAZING. From the artistic monochromes to the colored photos, all of them were really awesome. Some pictures were really “in the moment”! Like the monochrome one when Kiff came into the room and burst out "So tough!" after the gate crash or when all the guests were having a toast during "YUM SHENG"! Also, we saw how professional you were in Bishan Park where you captured our favorite place in pictures we would not thought of. Some shots don’t even look like it was in Bishan Park. We saw you covered in grass because you were lying on the floor just trying to get a good shot of us! We really loved working and talking to you! I think Kiff really loved his professional shots and would definitely love to have you guys again! (Not another wedding because it is so troublesome) Hopefully an overseas nature shoot? (Wink wink!) With lots of love and appreciation, Kiff and Carrie

Danny & Sara

Married: 3 years ago

Danny & Sara

Hi Tony, Great job! We just saw it on the PC again. Fantastic work. We cant wait to see the rest. Really appreciate you used a Spanish song. Thanks again. Regards, Dan & Sara

Gayle and Sam

Married: 6 years ago

Gayle and Sam

We want to thank you wholeheartedly for the role you played in our wedding. You're a very talented photographer who helped to make our wedding even more wonderful. You had a knack of always being on hand, yet never in the way! We are so grateful for your attentive eye and your ability to capture those precious moments that were both candid and aesthetic. We especially liked the interesting angles and perspectives you brought to the photographs. Most of all, your cheerful and helpful personality made you a true pleasure to work with. Thank you so much again!,