Matteo Castelli

Photography is my passion, passion is my work.

I am a photographer, a teacher in multimedia design, but above all I am a husband and a father and I love my family.

Honestly I was not interested in marriage, I like architectures and altered landscapes. As a second shooter, I began to appreciate every moment of a wedding, the feelings of the couple, my relationship with them that at the end of the big day has become a friendship.

Matteo Castelli
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Wedding Photography Packages

I run just one service a day, because I like to personally follow the whole event from start to finish.
In each service I'm helped by another photographer, always the same, because we can shoot moments by two different points of view, and the final work is more complete.
Classic service means that we follow bride and groom from the preparation to the end of the party.
I personally edit a big selection of the pictures and deliver them in a pen drive.