Viincent Meyer is a wedding photographer serving France.
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Vincent Meyer

FR Wedding Photojournalist


I am Vincent Meyer, Wedding photojournalist, married, father of two marvelous guys of 7 and 9 years old and you might be the center of all my attention for this so special day, your wedding.

This unique day is your day and you want the best souvenirs.
You and your guests wilI offer me all those unique times : when you will say "yes", when you will leave the church or when you will throw the bouquet. But I will grab photos of smaller moments too, things that you might not see like kids playing, your grand-mother laughing, your friend singing and dancing ...

My work is always in progress. I mean, I find my inspiration everywhere like others great photographer's job, sculpture, dance, drawing, movies, people ... to be as creative as possible.

Wedding photographer is my primary job as photographer. I am a photojournalist and mainly a wedding photojournalist. I am regulary called to shoot some photos on events for press agencies too.

Let me tell you a short story. For a year, I had the luck to travel around the world with my family (Europe, Africa, South-America, Australia and South-East-Asia). That was so wonderfull. It was a great opportunity to make nice photos and meet so many awesome people. This experience bring me two things : a new way to see the world and it opened galeries doors for exposures (Paris...).

This is highly complementary with wedding photography.

I wish I will have the luck to be the storyteller of your wedding, unique photos for a unique day !

Vincent Meyer


Je suis Vincent Meyer, photojournaliste de mariage, marié, père de deux garçons extras qui ont 7 et 9 ans et vous serez peut-être au centre de toute mon attention pour ce jour très spécial, votre mariage.

Ce jour unique est le votre et vous désirez en conserver les meilleurs souvenirs. Vous et vos invitez allé m'offrir tous ces moments uniques : quand vous allez dire "oui", quand vous sortirez de la mairie ou quand vous jetterez votre bouquet. Mais je vais aussi vous ramener plein de photos de moments que vous ne percevrez peut-être pas comme des enfants qui jouent, votre grand-mère qui rigole, vos amis qui chantent et qui dansent ...

Mon travail est toujours en pleine évolution. Je trouve en effet mon inspiration dans le travail de collègues photographes mais aussi dans la sculpture, la danse, le dessin, les films, la musique, les gens ... pour être le plus créatif possible.

Photographe de mariage est mon travail principal. Je suis photojournaliste mais d'abord de mariage même si je suis régulièrement appelé pour réaliser des reportages qui sont ensuite diffusés en agence de press.

Mais laissez moi vous raconter une petite histoire. Pendant un an, j'ai eu la chance de faire un tour du monde avec ma famille (Europe, Afrique, Amérique du sud, Australie et Asie du sud-est). C'était génial. Cet voyage a été l'opportunité de faire de jolies photos de voyages et de réaliser de magnifiques rencontres. Cette expérience m'a apporté deux choses : une nouvelle façon de voir le monde et l'ouverture de mon travail à des galeries (Paris ...).

C'est très complémentaire de la photo de mariage.

J'espère avoir la chance de raconter en images l'histoire de votre mariage, des photos uniques pour un jour unique !

Vincent Meyer

4 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Vincent Meyer.

Vincent wedding photographer

Married: 5 years ago

Zela et Vincent

Hello Vincent, The party ended very well, everyone was very happy. We are very happy !! Thank you for all these photos. In fact, they are so successful that arrived at the end of the selection, we wanted to see again and again. And yet there are many, how did you do to be everywhere at once like this? Thank you again for your work, we are very satisfied.

Married: 6 years ago

Stéphane et Cédric

At a private sale in a store we found your photos. We are not used to working at the heart but rather by knowledge. But this time we were seduced and we decided to trust you for our wedding. We had an appointment before the wedding to talk about our desires. At the end of this appointment with my husband we were very serene and happy to have chosen you. The day "J" I was even more pleasantly surprised by your kindness and your discretion. The group photos were stressful for me because he was always missing someone. You reassured me by telling me not to worry. You were calm and always smiling, available. A real relief for me. I had a lot of feedback on your performance, all positive! Today we were able to look at our photos they are sublime, spontaneous, we are delighted !!! Thank you

Married: 7 years ago

Aurélie et Christophe

You are very professional and you have made us comfortable when we were hyper stressed. The photos are just beautiful !!! A magical moment that will remain etched in our memories and that we can relive with the album that we have. Thanks again to you Vincent!!

Married: 9 years ago

Angélique etJean-Jeoffrey

No complaints. You are a very good photographer. You knew how to listen to us at our wedding. The photos were very beautiful. The album that you made us is beautiful. Really just happiness to have been photographed by you!