Louise Querin photographs France multicultural weddings
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Héloïse SEBTI
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Louise Querin


My name is Louise. I am 30. I was born in Cameroon but I live since my childhood in France, near Paris. After graduating, I began my professional life as a jurist in a great and big company. But after several years, I kept feeling like I were missing something so big somewhere else. When I got married and my first daughter was born, I got a camera and then it just became clear and obvious to me : photography was my way. Indeed I was, and still is, fascinated by the power this media : it can make you feel so much things. Among those feelings, happiness, joy, love...

That is why I chose the name « SOUL BLISS »... Those words fit so well with what I want to instill in my work. I want your pictures to make you laugh, cry, smile, be surprised, overwhelmed! I want you to experience again what you felt while living blissful moments! My aim is that your pictures do good to your soul! Easy, I know ;-)

That is why I also choose to specialize me in wedding photography : it is a one day concentré of everything you might feel and a delight to catch as a photographer. There's so much for me to tell your story faithfully. Moreover, I love so much meeting new and different couples, having sometimes different cultures, coming from another countries or maybe speaking another languages.

So today, I am a happy wedding photographer, blessed and honored to be trusted for several years, and willing to have a lot of new love stories to tell in photographs. Maybe it will be yours !

- I'm soooo cool and especially French :-)
- My professionalism and my knowledge of multicultural weddings
- The kind of modern and artistic photography I provide

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Louise Querin.


Married: 4 years ago


You've been more than completed by the preparation of the bride for the end of the evening. You succedeed in immortalizing all the beautiful moments of our marriage. Your weetness, your patience, your support and your professionalism were precious us throughout this unforgettable day. We recommend you without hesitating, both for your professionalism and for the quality of your photos without forgetting that it is a pure happiness of working with you. We can feel your passion for the photography trough our photographs. Thank you again Louise to have been a part of this so beautiful adventure!

Married: 5 years ago

Aude & Moncef

We called on to you for our wedding and really we have not been disappointed. Fisrt, you came to meet us on Orléans (you prove then how much you are ready and willing). You made us feel confortable real quick, by proposing us an engagement session. We told you that we were not photogenic but you knew how to make us beautiful in our photos. You definitely knows how to catch very important moments. Plus, You are really professional. All the people who saw your work around were blown (we were the first ones). Really, my husband and I highly recommend you as a photographer. Indeed, you don't lie your presentation : your are kind, zen, very cool and sing all the time ! We thought to be photographed would be a load but you made of that a pleasant and funny moment. You allows us to have magnificent memories. Many thanks to you for your work !