Heidi Sandoval

Heidi Sandoval is based in Northern CA for her wedding photography business.
Heidi Sandoval
3500+ (USD)

I am an introvert, the rare white tiger of Myers Briggs, an INFJ. I'm usually a bit reserved, but once I get to know you, I open up quickly! I love animals and the relationships they have with their owners, I love photographing births where I can document the beginnings of families and the newest lives as they enter the world. I love a stiff cup of coffee, I love to travel and see new places and things. I love to laugh, the kind of laugh that makes me cry and need my inhaler. The kind of laughs that involve memes of Nicolas Cage and Cats. Seriously, google 'Nicolas Cage Cats'. I love being a wife, mother, and the kind of friend you can count on. I'm a problem solver, which is a good thing to be on a wedding day!

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