Wedding Photojournalism by Artem Pitkevich of Russia
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Artem Pitkevich

RU Wedding Photographer

My name is Artem. I am a photographer, a wedding photographer.

History is what matters to me. The story should be interesting, kind, truthful and, most importantly, the story should not be about me, but about those who, in my opinion, belong to the wedding day - about the young. The moment, emotion, historical value is important to me. Like any storyteller, I want my story to be interesting to as many people as possible and passed on from generation to generation.

My main thought: "I shoot YOUR wedding". It is important for me to emphasize the individual characteristics of the young, and not to display my vision of the world. In general, when I hear the phrase “my creativity” from a wedding photographer, I want to knock. Creativity is the creation of something new, unique, it is an act of self-expression ... I am deeply convinced that young people are not in vain browsing a portfolio before choosing a photographer and, surely, all participants in the process are young, and not a photographer with his expression.

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