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3 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

Wedding Photojournalism by Artem Pitkevich of Russia

My name is Artem. I am a photographer, a wedding photographer. History is what matters to me. The story should be interesting, kind, truthful and, most importantly, the story should not be about me, but about those who, in my opinion, belong to the...

Starting Price:
800 (EUR)
Saint-Petersburg wedding reportage photographer, Gleb Shirokov

Hello! My name is Gleb Shirokov, I am a wedding and reportage photographer. I live and work in St. Petersburg, often rented in Moscow and not limited to the territory of our country =) I take off large and noisy, small and warm weddings, holidays and...

Starting Price:
800 (EUR)
Maxim Zaytsev is an accomplished and award-winning WPJA wedding photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia

In my works, I prefer photojournalism - elegant, stylish and sometimes spontaneous. It is important for me to create a story reflecting moments, atmosphere and nuances. Since 2013, I am a participant and winner of associations WPJA and WPS. In 2015,...

Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
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Wedding Photographer Alison Williams of Colorado, United States
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