England wedding reportage images by East Midlands, UK photographer Barnaby Staniland
1650+ (GBP)

Barnaby Staniland


I love films. I love the cinematography, the subtle nuances and hidden meanings behind things. I also like when things blow up.

I’m pretty sarcastic, usually in a self deprecating way though.

I like to talk. I’ll talk to your guests, your family, the staff at the venue. The main reason for this is: I want people to be comfortable with me being there, if you read my reviews dotted around this site then you’ll see most people comment on how well I fitted in and put people at ease, which is exactly how to get natural wedding photos.

I’d love to say that I spend my free time going on walks, reading and playing table tennis. But, you know, I have five kids. So I spend any free time making drinks, cleaning up spilt drinks, tagging my wife in memes on Facebook and trying to stay awake through the film we started at 11pm when we actually have some time.

So that’s pretty much me. I love my wife, I love my family, I love my job, I love coffee. I want to give you guys memories of your day which you will look at forever.

If you’re looking for a natural, documentary wedding photographer, and you have coffee, then get in touch.