Studio portrait of Bozhidar Krastev, wedding photographer of Vonle Art
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Volen Krastev
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Bozhidar Krastev

Vonle Art | Ruse, Bulgaria Wedding Photography Studio


Capture the Passion, Emotions, and Excitement of Your Special Day

Undoubtedly being a wedding photographer has turned out to be my greatest passion ever. I have fallen in love with capturing the emotion and spirit of the most special day and the more I am getting involved, the greater excitement I feel. Being entirely devoted to what I am shooting, sometimes I am getting concerned that my enthusiasm is overwhelming and even exceeding my limits. I would rather go for the unique moment and its timeless emotion than direct or prepare the scene to achieve a fabulous image. By presenting the authenticity of the wedding story I believe you will easily feel the spirit of the wedding event. It is my ambition to be recognized as the wedding photographer whose images provoke tears and smiles over and every time one looks back at the wedding album.

45 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

20 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

38 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

6 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Bozhidar Krastev as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.

2 'At Work' Photos

The following photos are of Bozhidar Krastev at work.

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Bozhidar Krastev.

The Love Way

Married: 5 years ago

Gloria & Chris

“Wow… I am speechless. Marvelous, as I am still in the restaurant upstairs trying to gather myself and someone told me that the photos were magical, and I was the last one who saw them. I only heard how lovely they were and I'm breathless; they are fantastic! Thank you so much for the best of the best photos and photographers!”

Bulgaria bride and groom celebrating outside by Wedding Photographer Bozhidar Krastev

Married: 5 years ago

Radina & Viktor

„Wow...... you are exceptional; I cannot find words to describe how much we love the photos; I am eager to have a look at all of them. Since the moment I received the photos, I have been reviewing them every day again and again simply because I find something new which I skipped and …. they are telling a full story! Sure, we like them a lot; just need time to go through all of them. Anyhow, everybody who sees the photos is very much impressed how good they are!! Everybody says – congratulations for the photographers, how did you find them? Unbelievable they are, I am simply speechless… This is exactly what I wanted to have as memories; you have managed to capture everything, the global picture, as well as the tiny emotions.”

Plovdiv, Bulgaria Wedding Photographer

Married: 6 years ago

Iliyana & Hristo

„Dears, we would like to thank you so much for the lovely wedding book. It looks perfect, divine and exceptional. Great thanks! Wishing you all the best and continue to be extremely good at what you do. You are awesome! “

Wedding Elopement Multiple Picture Galleries (5)

Bozhidar Krastev chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Bozhidar Krastev.