Studio portrait of Rovigo wedding photographer Alessandro Merlin of Veneto Italy
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Alessandro Merlin

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I was raised by my family on bread and photography. I saw the world through the lens of my grandfather's cameras first and my mother then, as I wandered around the studio doing the all-out for the family business. Like any self-respecting child, I began to want to take a different path. I end up getting passionate about philosophy which has changed my way of seeing the world and what was around me to the point of bringing me straight back behind a camera. Determined to tell and show my way of seeing things through photographs, since 2019 “I hold the baton in my hand” (do you understand?) Passed to me by my mother. What about my grandfather? My grandfather doesn't give up. Although he is now retired, he has remained the company's quality control manager, coming and going from the studio and dispensing wisdom and useful advice.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography