Italy wedding photograhs by Simone Rossi in Roma
1400+ (EUR)

Simone Rossi

In high school I discovered this fantastic art and the end of the studies not having followed the photography equipment through magazines, books and talking to amateurs and professionals in the field. Six years ago came the first camera, not professional but, for me ... everything! It was the basis for testing and start building my knowledge. I began to deepen learning technique, tricks, but mostly finding my way of communicating.I followed courses of specialization and spent two full seasons with photography professionals from the ceremony, trying to "steal" as much as possible. I discovered the passion of photos from marriage, that still accompanies me, looking every day learning new techniques from professionals and, following criticism and advice, so in my ongoing project with the enthusiasm and the desire to improve every day.In time even my equipment has improved allowing me today to better perform my job. I thank those who have been able to stay close to me and gave me the opportunity to grow and improve. Jealously guards and with affection those people who, after seeing my work, I have donated a sincere and big smile.

I love to steal those looks, unique moments and so true, those smiles, those tears of joy ... to stop an instant time ...