Studio portrait of French wedding reportage photographer David Blateyron
Photo by: 
David Blateyron
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David Blateyron

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French wedding photographer captures moments with flair

David Blateyron is a wedding photographer based in Puy-de-Dôme, France. He discovered his passion for photography in 2017, inspired by his desire to capture cherished memories of loved ones. David draws inspiration from well-known French photographers such as Patrick Lombaert and Henry Deroche, as well as filmmakers like Sergio Leone, Wes Anderson, and Christopher Nolan. With a background in music, particularly jazz, David's love for the genre influences his ability to capture classy and swinging moments at weddings and create slideshows with jazzy soundtracks. Although he is relatively new to the industry, David continuously learns through practicing with his children, attending workshops, and engaging in open discussions with other photographers. His unique style focuses on capturing the essence of complex scenes and transforming simple moments into epic pictures. David firmly believes that everyone deserves a remarkable photograph to preserve in a beautiful album and share with future generations. Regardless of location, weather, or the size of the wedding, David is dedicated to capturing the love between couples and telling their beautiful story to the world.

3 WPJA Spotlight

10 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

7 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

5 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists