Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Photographer Alexis Rodriguez Montalvo - Caribbean WPJA - Alex Dali
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Javier Vazquez
2500+ (USD)

Alexis Rodriguez Montalvo

Alex Dali Weddings

How did I start doing Photography?

It all started with Dali, the love of my life. She was taking photography courses in college and I accompanied her to some classes that were taught outside the campus. A few classes later, I started to understand the techniques and how interesting it was to be able to capture a moment in an image. A few months later I decided to study Professional Photography, and here I am. Capturing amazing moments and creating awesome portraiture for each one of our couples.

My Style?

My main goal is to create a visual impact through storytelling, vibrant colors, and creativity. I want to give my couples a different perspective from what is commonly seen in weddings. For me is very important that my couples feel that there wedding is totally unique from other weddings they have seen before.

15 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists