Ricardo Guedes Fotógrafo de Casamento Portugal and Porto.
Photo by: 
Raquel Barroso Costa
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Ricardo Guedes


My name is Ricardo Guedes, I am 38 years old and I divide my days between the city of Porto where I live and in the countryside, in the calm plateaus of the region of Bragança.
Photography begins, more specifically, in July 1999, when I got a reflex camera, my first Nikon. From the first "click", the search for more knowledge grew hand in hand with the greatest enthusiasm.
I have always been fascinated by the romantic idea of ​​perpetuating meaningful experiences. Although not a nostalgist, I believe lived moments once reviewed and remembered bring us back the "Now", that place where happiness can be found. Special days are unrepeatable, in essence and on an emotional level, and to photograph them at that unique moment goes beyond a technical skill... it takes not only observation but being in tune with the right "feeling", both mine and yours.