Chesira Pizzini offers destination wedding photojournalism in Mexico with a creative flair
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Melissa Mercado Photography
500/hr (USD)

Chesira Pizzini

Quetzal Photo

Hi! My name is Ches. I am passionate and enjoying living life to the fullest! I believe life is an incredible gift and our mission is to learn and develop insights to help us give back to others. In doing this, we can all be in harmony with the natural world.

I am published wedding photographer and owner of Quetzal Wedding Photo. I have been in love with photography since my grandfather gave me my first camera as a little girl. I have been taking pictures professionally for more than 15 years. Quetzal Wedding Photo was born four years ago and is my true love. With Quetzal Wedding Photo, I shoot approximately 30 weddings per year. However, I also take on the role of second shooter with two other professional photographers. In total, I shoot more than 50 weddings per year. I have been published in a variety of magazines including Cosmopolitan.

I am an intuitive risk-taker. I have a genuine love for others and put my heart into everything I do. I am a flexible and creative spirit who will not stop until I have reached my goal. My vision is to one day travel the world capturing destination weddings and other special moments of life.

Many believe that the wedding day is 'the best day of your life', but for me, it's much more than that. I understand that each individual is unique and special, and that's why I do my best to emerge myself in your experiences to provide incredible memories. Being in harmony with the couple, I am able to discover the idiosyncrasies and tell an intimate story of their most perfect day.

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