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Brazil and Piaui wedding photography by Carlos de Andrade

Graduated in Industrial Design from UFRJ, Carlos de Andrade became acquainted with the behind-the-scenes photography at this time of college, retained his taste for the arts and aesthetics and began in the 1990s his professional work photographing children for a children's modeling agency, a bond that keeps until today at Top Kids. From his work with the children, he brought spontaneity and feeling to the world of marriage, recording now everything on video so that magical and intense moments of his life can be relived in their fullness, with sounds, smiles, cries and a lot of emotion. The carioca who loves the beach, warm waters and very hot, chose for his address the city of Parnaíba, in northeastern Brazil, his mother's hometown who wants with this choice to rescue this northeastern bond of his family but still has a work base. in Rio de Janeiro and where work takes you. [Piaui Wedding Photographer]

Starting Price:
1500 (BRL)
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