BW studio image of Perth wedding, portrait, and elopement photographer Aman Multani from Western Australia
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Aman Multani


My Story
I’m Aman Multani, a Perth wedding photographer, and videographer.
Welcome to my home on the web, a place to share Perth weddings in the form of the special loving moments I capture with photography and film, creating everlasting memories for you to treasure forever.
Ten years ago, soon after I discovered my love of photography, I completed a photography and cinematography course and received training and guidance from an experienced professional in the film industry. During this time, I was invited to photograph and film a friend’s wedding and it was there that my love of weddings blossomed.
Your wedding day is one of, if not THE, most important days of your life. I’ve had my own wedding, so I understand the importance and significance of the day and how paramount it is that everything goes smoothly. As for female influence, my beautiful better half inspires and encourages me and still assists me at the occasional wedding.
Serving in the Indian Army in the rank of Major, taught me crucial skills in the areas of planning, commitment, loyalty, dedication, organisation and preparation. Now, I apply these skills to planning the photography and videography of your special day, ensuring everything is carefully executed with precision and perfection.
Part of being an accomplished wedding photographer and videographer is the ability to see beyond the obvious, choose great locations, choreograph naturally beautiful poses and understand composition. As a musician, creativity is in my bones and comes as second nature to me.

I strongly believe that everything and everyone around us is picturesque and beautiful… it's just the way we see.