Portrait of French wedding photographer, Solène Lagant
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Solène Lagant

Solene Lagant Photographer

Wedding photographer, happy to live her dreams since 2017. Based in Île de France, mainly in Paris and Yvelines, I am ready to cross France and the continents to immortalize your love.

I like to describe my work as warm, romantic and sincere. A bit like me after all!

What makes me vibrate in this job is exactly what I love about traveling: meeting new people, discovering their world, immersing myself in what they are and learning from each meeting to enrich myself even more. humanly.

I am a real talker, and it can happen that I stay an hour longer with you just to discuss travel, history, cinema or even the joys of life in general! These exchanges are so important.

I'm not here to do soulless sessions or thousand weddings, but to give you memories that are uniquely yours. And for that it is impossible for me to do it without getting to know you.

7 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

1 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Solène Lagant as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.