Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos works with a journalistic approach to document weddings in an unobtrusive manner
Jacques Mateos
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My goal is to keep those small moments, all the emotions that make a wedding and handing it to future generations. I work with a journalistic approach to document weddings with an unobtrusive way on which I add some dedicated moments for creative bridal party and portraits.

I bought my first camera with my first wage when I was a student in 1977. From that year on I was fully interested in photojournalism and have especially worked on the most known: Cartier Bresson, Depardon or even Brassai.

I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding in 2006. I shoot also for advertising and fashion, illustration of travel. All these different light conditions or assignments contribute to being able to work in a non planned situation. I am also a writer for a French editor for which I have written (with a co author) 3 books about Canon cameras (1000D, 5D MKII and 5DMKIII).

To complete the landscape, I share my passion with one of my 4 daughters. My wife spent a lot of time as a semi pro actress and novel writer, also giving her feelings as a mother, spouse and bride about my work.

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