France wedding photographer, Fred Bertrand - for Île-de-France and Paris /
Photo by: 
Magda Lena
1800+ (EUR)

Fred Bertrand

First and foremost, I am a free wedding photographer who strives to keep it day-to-day. Free in the facts, gestures, thinking, fashions and by extension wedding photography. I like to appreciate a situation without prejudice and to bring the most accurate and creative answers. Your marriage is unique and must remain so. My only goal is to catch you in the act of strong emotions during your wedding. My artistic approach, focused on photo reporting allows me in the utmost discretion to get from you two more spontaneity and naturalness. Coming from the world of feature films cinema and advertising, my pleasure is also to put you on stage, to lead you gently, placing you in the most beautiful light and in the most beautiful setting, during photo sessions couple for example and all day.