Spain wedding photography by Roxana Ramirez
250+ (EUR)

Roxana Ramirez

Fotografa de Amor Roxana Ramirez

I have dedicated myself to photography for more than twelve years and every moment of this path has been special.
I remember as if it were yesterday when I studied and spent nine hours a day taking photos, editing and revealing, after thousands of photos taken I found my way. my essence. What my work represents today: capturing the identity of each person I portray with my positive and simple vision of life, always seeking harmony and visual beauty focused on love.

I feel extremely grateful for the beautiful people who have crossed my path and have stayed in my way and that is why photographs are a fundamental part of my life.

I can't help but capture the emotions, adventures, locations and countless sunsets in significant portraits so that the emotion of that moment is with me forever. All this intensifies with the mother's gaze, with the value of time, every second feels intense and I see how the greatest love of my life does not stop evolving.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography