España based wedding photographer, Beatriz Bodero serves Castilla y Léon and Palencia
Photo by: 
Carlos Bravo
2300+ (EUR)

Beatriz Bodero

Beatriz Bodero Fotógrafa

Psicology+ARt that is my work.

My photography is absolutely natural. I stay with the couples all the wedding without anybody noticing me.
My goal is that after many years they will have a precious memory of the day as it happened.
I have been a Wedding Photojournalist for 11 years accompanying more than 300 couples on their day.

I like to know different cultures and travel to discover new places and landscapes.
I love portraits and fashion too.
Among my other interests are art, classic dance, cinema and jazz.
I am based in Spain, but I work worldwide.
My personal projects are very important to me. i love to get new ideas and try new things.
Another important aspect of my job as a photographer is kids portraits.
My passion is my work. My work is my passion.