Padova Wedding Photography by Beatrice Mancini - For Italia and Veneto
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Beatrice Mancini

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Born in Este, Italy, Beatrice lived in Verona until 2004.
In 2000 she received an MA in Classical Literature and Philosophy, specializing in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Padua. In the same year she took part in a photography course and began working as an assistant in a Photographic Studio.
In 2003 she was awarded a Masters degree in Communications at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.
In 2007 she transferred to Milan having won a scholarship to take a Masters in Photography and Visual Design at the Forma-NABA International Center, Milan. She specialized in photojournalism and research while working with the Prospekt Agency in Milan, and in that year her work was published in the Art Journal (Il giornale dell’ Arte); she also produced Milan on the Edge (Al limite Milano), a study based on a project by Francesco Jodice and Luca Molinari. She also worked on the collection of projects Italian Interiors (Interni Italiani) organized by the Institute of Research GPF and MACEF (the Milan Home Trade Fair). In February 2007, her exhibition entitled “B. Barcellona in Blu” showed at the Italian Centre of Photography, Milan (Il Centro Italiano di Fotografia).
At the end of 2007 she completes her Masters with an internship at the Prospekt Agency, Milan.
In 2009 and 2010 she is among the authors singled out for commendation at the TAU Visual photographic competition. In 2011 she was among the photographers selected for the publicity campaign launched by the Milan Council (Il Comune di Milano) entitled “Milan is Beautiful” (Milano è bellissima).
In December 2011 she won the prize Il Portfolio Italia with her work “Love Camping – Apologia dello stanziale” with Paola Fiorini. In February 2012 she exhibits in Milan, Orvieto, Rome and Padua, in the collective exhibition “Volontariamente.”(Voluntarily).
In 2012 she is a finalist for the Ponchielli Prize. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 she exhibited for the photography event “Prima Visione” (First Vision) at the Belvedere di Milano gallery.
In 2015 she goes for a ONLUS project in Bangladesh. The project becomes an exhibition, "Princess of Waterland" exhibited in Venice, Milan, Florence, Padua and Udine.
On the occasion of BookCity 2017, she presents the photographic book "Il respiro di Poveglia". The exhibition "Il respiro di Poveglia" has been exhibited for BookCity 2017 at the Franco Parenti Theater and Verona at the QF3 Gallery until January 2018.
Beatrice Mancini is regularly published in magazines and newspapers both in Italy and abroad, among which are:
The Telegraph Magazine, Cartier Art, GQ, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, GEO, D. Di Repubblica, Emergency, L’Europeo, Focus Storia, Focus, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Gioia, Famiglia Cristiana, and Il Giorno.
Beatrice has until today photographed more than 250 marriages.