Are you planning a short-notice, small wedding or elopement?

Many couples don’t want to wait. They are planning to get married in the very near future, eloping, or rushing a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family but dispensing with or postponing the reception party. 

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine wedding photography by Julien Marchione of France
1600+ (EUR)

Julien Marchione


For as long as I can remember, I've always had something to tell: a story, an anecdote, my day ...

And this, I believe, since I breathed my first words.

The wedding photo, the love stories? All this will come to me later, even if at the time, my father's old Canon AE-1 was already eyeing me without understanding what this old SLR wanted.

Twenty years later, I sit on the benches of the journalism school and prepare my master's degree as an audiovisual reporter. At the same time, I am starting out as a sports photographer for a local weekly newspaper. In the process, I landed my first photo contracts for the news press and magazine. And the machine is launched.

2 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits